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Introducing Son.person

Stay Safe and Live Happy

Son.person is a Pop/Hip-Hop artist and Memphis musician who strives to make a name for himself within the wider music scene. Someone who wants others to relate and feel close to home with his music, many of his concepts revolve around love and coming of age. The name's got a little more (or less) to it then you might think as well. You only need to get 2 things from "Son.person". He does everything for and with the constant help from his mother as her son, and he does all he can to be a good person to everyone else. If you want to know anything else, simply learn about it through the artistry.



Son.person has 8 official releases. He has put out tracks such as Girl Like You (Ft. KydDope), Man Like Me, Nayhoo, Solo, Proof, Sunny But Storming (Ft. Blu'Jay), Texaco (Ft. Red Music), and U Night

The first 7 songs have been written and produced along side Landon Moore. U Night produced by Connor Dang. Girl Like You (Ft. KydDope) mixed and mastered by Scott Hardin. All the rest have been mixed and mastered by Charlie Couvillion.


Visual Media

Son.person has 3 singles with music videos to go alongside them. These releases being Girl Like You, Man Like Me, and Texaco ft. Red Music. The live session was performed alongside prominent Memphis guitar player, David Higgins II. It is compiled with Son.person originals including Scout, Soulful Thoughts, Airplane Mode, Contra Arbol, and Texaco.

Girl Like You (Ft. KydDope)

Man Like Me

Texaco (Ft. Red Music)

Son.person Live Session

Press Quotes

Some comments from writers and editors on Son.person and his craft.

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Jessica Ramirez, Writer for MemphisVoyager

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists (Son.person), creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below.


Josh Gane, Writer for Rap

Son.person, a 17-year-old independent pop-artist from Memphis, is on a mission. He strives to “…showcase the diversity in sound which is present [in the Memphis music scene] …” to demonstrate the ways in which a wide-ranging spectrum of genres can uplift his city, culturally and musically. 


Zachary Corsa, Writer for We Are Memphis Music

Son.person wants to relate to you, to share something bigger through his art than just a sense of fleeting, shallow entertainment. Drawing liberally from nu-pop and hip-hop traditions, the humble Memphian is rooted in weighty concepts of home and familial connections, young love and growing up.

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